• Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science from University of Louisiana at Monroe

  • Attained a NASM CPT

  • Interned under Eric Ortego (Current Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at McNeese University) for the ULM Strength and Conditioning Program. Assigned to Softball, Baseball (pitchers), and women's tennis.

  • Former ULM soccer player

  • 2 years as a Fitness Coach

  • Currently working as a Fitness Coach at Built by Don Fields since Dec 2013

  • Held a summer strength camp for female athletes (2014) at Built by Don Fields

  • Currently training under nationally ranked power lifter Hani Jazayrli through thestrengthathlete.com in offseason training

  • Finished 3rd at the Louisiana State Powerlifting Championships Jan 10 in Lafayette, LA with a 700lb total

  • For Online Fitness Coaching inquirys please email me at hannah.builtbydon@gmail.com

  • To follow me on my powerlifting journey and future figure competitions, click this link to follow me on Instagram