Hannah’s Blog Post Entry 6/30


Hey Followers!
It has been a while since I have posted. I did compete in my meet on May 23rd, I placed 2nd with a 805 total (305 squat, 155 bench, and a 345 dead lift). Then I had a recovery week that ran into getting ready for a vacation I had planned in mid June, then coming back from vacation I had to make up missed appointments. So needless to say I was running around and did not have time to make a blog entry post till now.

Back to me power lifting meet at the end of May. I hit an all time personal record of a 305 LB SQUAT. Now that I looked back at the video I probably could have squatted 5-10lbs more than that, but you live and you learn. Then I had the slowest bench press of my life, I was a little disappointed with my performance in bench that day, I knew I could have done better. But I did end up PRESSING 155LBS. And I managed to get 2/3 white lights on the lift. Then to finish the meet I pulled a solid 345LB DEAD LIFT to finish the day. I was pleased with this lift, at the end of a meet you are pretty drained and the dead lift is at the end and is quite taxing on the body. I totaled 805lbs at the end of the meet which is a 113lb meet personal record from my meet back in January. So at the end of the day it was a good meet, I ended up losing by 15lbs to 1st place. Currently right now I am in off season and will not compete until November.

Then for vacation I went to Grand Junction, CO with my friend from Canada and went to Country Jam 2015. It is a huge country music festival basically out in the desert about 10 miles away from the Utah border. It was a great time we saw The Band Perry, Tim McGraw, Keith Urban, Parmalee, and Billy Currington play. It was a great vacation. Then back to ole Alexandria, LA!


Thanks for reading and if you are interested in personal training or online personal training please do not hesitate to email me at or if you have any questions for me!

Thanks guys,

Hannah Linzay B.S.