Hannah’s Blog Post 4/2/15


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This week was basically the last heavy lifts that taper off for next weeks max testing. Monday I managed to hit 315lbs for my REVERSE BANDED SQUATS for my overload.Then went straight into some volume sets of squats along with some accessory lifts. Tuesday I had some reverse banded bench then rolled into dumbbell bench press for 4×6. On my last two sets here I pressed 60s fairly easy, which makes me happy. Then I had some accessory lifts for the day. Wednesday I had my typical bodybuilder style lifting day for shoulders and arms. I really emphasize on using super sets on most exercises this day. Then today I was warming up for my sumo block pulls for 5×6, and supervised myself with a HEAVY SINGLE OF 325 that moved quite fast! A new gym PR (personal record). Then hit 350 FOR A DOUBLE on my last set of block pulls.I had some speed bench and some heavy single arms rows after that. Tomorrow I have heavy squats, I am going to try to take 235lbs or so for my sets. Ill update y’all on that later!! This weeks food intake has been around the same, anywhere from 2250-2500 calories, but who is counting! My weight is staying around the same (176-178), After max testing next week I will be in meet prep for my meet coming up on May 23rd in Pineville, La.

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