Hannah’s Blog Entry 7/31/15


Hey Everyone!

Sorry It has been a while since my last post. Summer has been extremely busy for me between clients, my camp, and my lifting. But everything has been great! This week in training I maxed out on my SQUAT AND HIT A NEW PR OF 330LBS, it was not the depth I wanted, but it is new territory. Today, I max out on my deadlift, so we will see what happens there. I am hoping to hit a new PR. This past monday I maxed out on bench, but It did not go as planned. Strength just was not there that day. But I still managed to hit 170lbs again, so I know that is in the books. Next week I will start back to mostly volume based workouts to build up strength and even add in some overloading with squat and bench. I have recently acquired some bench press boards that my buddy Aaron made for me. He made me a 1 board, 2 board, and a 3 board. I will be adding some videos of me using those in training so everyone can see how they work. I am still planning on competing in November down in Abbeville for the Regional Meet. I will be changing up my diet some, I will be adding more carbs into my daily meals. I need to get stronger, which means to eat more food! As long as I weigh in on meet day under 185lbs I am good to go! Keep in touch!

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Hannah Linzay B.S.