Hannah’s Blog Entry 5/15/15


Hey Followers!
This week has been my last heavy week of lifting before my deload week next week. At the beginning of the week it was more volume based and tapered into some heavy singles and triples towards the end of the week. As of now everything is on track for my meet next Saturday at the Louisiana Athletic Club in Pineville, La. Weigh ins are at 10 am I believe. Then the fun starts at 11 am. Today I hit 270LBS on squat for a 2×1. It moved fairly easy. Towards the end of the week my hips are super tight and it makes it hard to hit depth easily. But for sure by next Saturday and after my deload week my hips will feel fine. Bench went extremely well today, hit a 150LB bench for a 2×1. It went very smooth, hardly even slowed down through my sticking point. I have been very happy with my bench recently. So I am very excited for this meet coming up. My deadlift this week was a heavy single at 315lbs, which went up fast I would say, HERE IT IS. So overall everything went well this week, I should be weighing in around 172 and I will be competing in the 185 class. But overall, I am very excited for this meet and am very confident. Next week I will only be lifting on Mon and Wed and it will be only around 70% of my maxes, so I will be fresh come Saturday.

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Hannah Linzay B.S.