Hannah’s Blog Entry 4/27/15


Hey Followers!

This past week of lifting has been my first week of meet prep. My weeks are based off of four days of training sessions that are predominately working with my squat, bench, and dead lift. I have one accessory day for shoulders and arms. I plan to lift in the 185lb weight class, but actually weighing in around 170-175lbs. My caloric intake is still sitting around 2500-2750 cals a day, which I have really been enjoying. Last weeks volume squat day was 4×6 @210LBS. This video was actually my last set and it still moved quite nice. On Tuesday I had some speed squats for 6×2 @220LBS. My squats have consistently getting better, technique wise. I have been squatting low bar for about 8 months now I believe and I really have been tweaking my stance and technique here and there. But probably in the last 3 months or so I have found my sweet spot so I have not changed it recently. Moving on to my bench videos now. Last weeks heavy day I benched 4×4 @120LBS. I have been recently playing around with my grip distance a little bit here and there. I am still trying to find my optimal width and also what feels best. I have not found my perfect set up so the search is still on. My dead lifts have been feeling great recently. I have been toying with my foot placement recently and have been loving the effects of that. During this meet prep I have heavy singles prescribed for my dead lifts. Here is my 3×1 @265LBS. I dead lift sumo style, with legs apart with my hands placed shoulder width apart shown HERE. That was a 325lb single. My meet is less than a month away and I plan to have a really good showing and hopefully lift 9/9 attempts. Anyway guys thanks for reading and I will be blogging a little more later on in the week.

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Hannah Linzay B.S.