Hannah’s Blog Entry 3/26/15


Hello Followers!
This week and next week is my last heavy taper until my mock meet that is the second week of April. I’ll be testing my main 3 lifts (squat, bench, and deadlift) for a new 1 rep max. On Monday I had REVERSE BANDED SQUATS, using the green mini bands and worked up to 295 for my last set of 3 before I moved into my volume work. I’ve been having some shoulder issues, so I have been going heavier with dumbbells instead of using the bar for bench. Tuesday I ended up hitting 60s on my last set of 6 reps. They actually felt really good and stable. Wednesday I had a shoulder/arm day to help build my physique for next years figure competition that I am planning to partake in. Tomorrow I have my first heavy day of bench that I am going to push myself since the shoulder has been feeling better. Today I had my sumo block pulls that are 4.5” high, these help your top half of your lockout on your deadlift. Here is one of my working sets of 305. Overall the weight has been increasing on my accessory lifts week to week sometimes, which is what I want. I am really excited for my mock meet. I am hoping to hit some very heavy new PRs (personal records). I am still hovering around 178-180lbs and looking like my composition is still slowly improving, which is what I want. Overall this week has been a very good week for me in the gym. Until next time guys!

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