Hannah’s Blog Entry 3/16/15


Here is a little bit about me and my training as of now. Currently I am in offseason meet prep with my next meet coming on May 23 at the Louisiana Athletic Club. I am currently training to set new PRs (personal records) on all my lifts that I recorded at the Louisiana State Powerlifting Competition. That meet was held in January where I placed 3rd with a 700lb meet total. My off season meet prep mainly consists of overloading on all three lifts (squat, bench, and deadlift), along with working on volume sets based off of anywhere from 75-85% based off of my 1 rep maxes. I currently throw in 2 days of accessory work to hit smaller muscle groups such as shoulders, biceps, triceps, and calves. Im currently eating around 2250-2500 calories a day. Current weight is between 176-178 at 5’10. Today’s lift is primarily focused on squats as the main movement along with some isolation work. Heres last weeks VIDEO of one of my overloading squat variations, I used the green mini bands for this block of overloading. Stay tuned for muiltple weekly updates! You can also EMAIL me for online personal training or if you are interested in 1 on 1 sessions at the downtown location!
Hannah Linzay B.S.