Benefits of Smoothies


Why are our Smoothies beneficial to supplement your diet with? First of all, every one of our smoothies come jam packed with meal replacement and protein. You get to choose between high protein blend or the low calorie blend, both are great options to choose from. Some of our flavors taste just like a Snickers bar, Almond Joy, or even those amazing Girl Scout Thin mint cookies! Just to name a few, we have over 20 different flavors to choose from. So why is protein so crucial to someone’s diet one might ask? First of all protein is needed to build and repair muscle tissue, curb hunger, reduces muscle loss, and help with speedy recover after exercise. Another little fun fact, protein burns the most calories when digested compared to fat and carbs. Our smoothies are very beneficial to drink for a meal replacement or most importantly, right after you exercise. So come see us today and try one of our fabulous flavors and if you have any more questions feel free to ask one us!

-Hannah Linzay